Beyond Culinary is a Canadian film production company specializing in film and food events, dedicated to the art of authentic storytelling in culinary culture.

We welcome you to break bread with us as we capture the passion, embrace the communities, and explore the stories behind the food.

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The Films

In these bite-sized documentary films, we aim to both inspire and educate by exploring the history, the traditions, the influence and the origins of Canadian cuisine, while capturing the passion of the human element behind each story.

While Canadian cuisine has traditionally been difficult to define, our vision is to acknowledge its foundations and honour the history and heritage of foods generated from our land, and shaped by our ancestors.

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The Events

Each of our film and food events are a unique fusion of visual and flavoursome entertainment. With a specific theme inspiring both the featured film and the subsequent tasting menu, guests truly immerse themselves in a demonstration of how Canadian culture intertwines within our cuisine. While our country, from north to south and east to west, doesn’t always share the same culinary traditions, together, the stories behind our foods make up our collective history.
Breaking bread as a community creates a spark, a connection. Capturing that emotion on film fosters understanding, cultivates relationships and inspires a taste for more.
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Meet the Filmmaker

Giulia founded Beyond Culinary with one vision in mind, to create beautiful films that not only highlight the rich history of Canadian cuisine, but also tell the stories behind Canada’s food culture.

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