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Beyond Culinary Newfoundland

The history and settlement of Newfoundland will forever be bound to cod, both from an economic and culinary perspective.

Cod fishing created a tight affinity between Newfoundlanders throughout their history, however in 1992 a moratorium was imposed on the province’s fishing industry, ending almost 500 years of cod fishing in Newfoundland and Labrador. The immediate impact threw 40,000 people out of work in a single day.

Beyond Culinary Ontario Farms

An insight into Ontario’s modern farming communities offers a unique appreciation for the origins of our food. While farming is certainly not new, there’s a new generation of farmers who are approaching the business, and the lifestyle, in innovative ways, bringing farming to a fresh and exciting new level.

Today’s first generation farmers are embracing farming as a lifestyle choice. They are committed to using processing techniques that contribute to Ontario’s and Canada’s economic development by protecting the environment, adapting to climate change, and promoting human health as well as animal welfare.

Beyond Culinary Ontario Wines

Beyond Culinary Nunavut